Will Vietnam Overtake Thailand As a Tourist Destination?

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Within the last 8 years, Thailand has often been in news reports, a fantastic tourism destination however, not without its problems. Politics has resulted in divisions between red pro-government and yellow shirt anti-government protestors. Violence is brewing again with elections just happening at the start of February 2014. Unfortunately the elections don't solve the political problem as they run deep dividing the rural farming communities and the city folks. So, where is the crisis going? Nobody is very sure but certainly Bangkok has become to get avoided being a tourist destination. That said Thailand received over 23 million visitors in 2013 with many visiting the mountains from the north and the stunning beaches across the Andaman Sea. This really is over three times the 7 million tourists who flocked to Vietnam included in tour packages to Vietnam, travelling independently or as an element of a group tour packages for south east Asia. So, what are the chances that the balance will shift and tourists will start visiting Vietnam over Thailand? vietnam travel forums

You can find certainly some things to consider. Firstly Thailand is a airport hub there are direct flights to Bangkok from all over the world. This is really a benefit although Vietnam is opening over and up recent years direct routes have been opened between Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Europe and also the US. Additionally Vietnam visas are not essential for your beach resort of Phu Quoc. Visa letters are also available avoiding the need to apply for a Visa beforehand. Certainly Thailand still has the advantage here as a Visa is free of charge and given on arrival for 1 month. vietnam travel forums

Vietnam has additionally grown over the past a decade now boasts many luxury hotels along with exclusive beach resorts. This may also be combined with mountains to the east and an array of climates from your cooler north for the tropical south. From a safety aspect Vietnam certainly is a safe country, but so is Thailand, not taking into account Bangkok.

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One could expect consuming these short observations under consideration that tourism to Vietnam would increase at a faster rate compared to Thailand. I assume whenever people come to a decision on whether or not to take tour packages to Vietnam or group tours to south east Asia whether or not to include Thailand would likely be a little more of any concern now. Of course the problem could go either way in Thailand and it also remains to be noticed just how a political solution can be found in the short-term.maldives liveaboard


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